Troll Spotlight: Jasmine Elliott

Troll Spotlight: Jasmine Elliott

For Jasmine Elliott, Trinity wasn't where she thought she would end up. Instead, she thought she was going to go to a NCAA Division 1 school following her second season playing basketball at the junior college level.

If it wasn't for her AAU coach telling her to come on a visit, she would've never visited campus. And she would have never known that this is where she needed to be.

"After I had seen the campus, I sat in coach [Bill DeRuiter]'s office and he began talking about Trinity and all that it has to offer," Elliott said. "He started mentioning missionary trips, how you can study abroad, and that you would pray before some classes. That's when God spoke to me and it was so clear."

Once she was here, Elliott didn't know what to expect. Since she was in middle school, basketball has been her life, and she constantly worked to get better in the sport. But an injury during her junior season put her on the sideline and made her come to terms with her role on the team for that season.

She was no longer a person that would be able to contribute on the court, but she was able to assist her team in other ways. Elliott learned more about the off-the-court effort to help the team, and it taught her to be a better leader. Not only that, but it made her rely on her faith even more to get through that difficult time.

"Being on this team helped me in so many ways. I got to connect with my teammates on a different level because I was out," Elliott said. "My faith also sky-rocketed because I really had to rely on God to show me who I really am [without basketball]."

Through the hardship of injury, Elliott was able to use her faith to move forward. During that time, her friends, family and professors were there with her. And that's not only during the hard times.

During every step of her journey with her faith, she relied on these people to help her through, along with her coaches and teammates. And though she may feel like her faith dwindles at times, she knows that she is never by herself in her journey.

"I think of my faith as a relationship," Elliott said. "Somedays, I have very strong faith where I feel through God, I can really do anything, and on other days, I feel like I have none. The one thing I will say is that I am not in my walk-in faith alone."

As she continues and one day hopes to become a social worker, which is what she is studying here at Trinity, she knows that she will be able to help others in the future discover what their relationship is like with their faith.

"My faith is making me grow so in the future, I am able to help others who struggle just as I have," Elliott said. "I will be there to remind them to have faith and to keep trusting in God."