The Legend of the Troll

The Troll is unique, to say the least, among college mascots. Legends have grown over the years about how and why Trinity Christian College chose the Troll. Some claim that in 1959 students concocted a peculiar acronym to create the mascot name. "Trolls" referred to TRinity COLLege Students, and was originally pronounced more like "trolley."

 Another tale tells how Dr. Peter Steen, in search of a mascot name, hurried to the home of then president Dr. Alexander De Jong prior to Trinity's first basketball game in 1966. Mrs. De Jong searched the dictionary for nouns beginning with "tr," to form an alliteration with Trinity. A "troll" was defined as a "supernatural being, variously conceived of as giants or dwarfs." They agreed that God would need to give Trinity supernatural power to develop a viable basketball team, and so adopted the name.

Stories of nocturnal Troll sightings near the 123rd Street bridge furthered the legend.

Ideas about how Trinity's Troll should look have been perhaps even more numerous than legends of origin, and no one version has seemed satisfactory to all concerned.

So, in the fall of 1998, as part of Trinity's 40th anniversary celebration, the Troll received a much-needed makeover. The new and improved ("reformed," if you will) Troll was unleashed during half time of the men's basketball game on November 24, 1999.