Troll Spotlight: Pat Bray

After attending Kentucky Christian University for one year, Pat Bray knew it wasn’t the right school for him. He spent the summer looking at other Christian colleges that he felt would be a good fit.

By August, he thought he wasn’t going to be able to find a new school and that he might not be able to play college basketball again. That was, until he found Trinity.

“I spent the whole summer looking at colleges and decided to visit another Christian school before I even heard about Trinity,” Bray said. “In early August, I got a phone call from a family member in Chicago suggesting that I should go to Trinity. I took a visit and just knew God wanted me here.”

When Bray arrived on campus, his experience at Trinity helped him grow in more ways than one. He feels like he’s not just a student-athlete here, but he’s so much more.

“It’s mind blowing because being at Trinity made me realize that I wouldn’t be here without God,” Bray said. “[It] showed me that I’m not just an athlete or a student, but a child of God.”

Currently on campus, Bray is a member of the men’s basketball team, a RA and a member of the men’s ministry.

But Trinity isn’t the only place that’s helped him grow. Bray’s faith helps him realize who he is as a person each day, figuring out his true identity with what God has planned for him.

Not only does it affect who he is as a person, but it affects the components of his everyday life from the moment he wakes up in the morning.

“I have the decision to be led by my own flesh or by the spirit of God, and how I answer that daily question can affect the lives of those I meet on a day-to-day basis,” Bray said. “My faith gives me strength to live a spirit-filled life every day to not only better myself, but the community I live in.”

Once he stepped on Trinity’s campus, he realized the blessing that was in front of him. And as he continues to pursue his education here as a student-athlete and as a digital design major, he hopes to continue pushing himself and to grow in his faith every day.

“I am currently being pushed outside my comfort zone to serve a purpose way bigger than myself,” Bray said. “Coming here has made me grow more than ever. I thank you and those who have encouraged me to be who I am today.”