Troll Spotlight: Abby Smith

Troll Spotlight: Abby Smith

Softball player Abby Smith knew she was going to go to a Christian college. It took several visits for her to figure out Trinity was where she would spend the next four years, but once she did, she was overcome with joy.

“After many visits at Trinity, there was one specific moment that I remember being so eye opening and touching. I had just finished visiting at the President’s house and I can recall there being soft Christian music playing in the background,” Smith said. “At that moment, I felt an overwhelming amount of peace and happy tears began to roll down my face.”

She knew it was where she belonged, not only from this moment, but the fact that the school had a softball team and a special education program, which were aspects she was looking for during her college search.

But now, the freshman is on Trinity’s campus, and being a part of the softball team is helping her grow in her faith, through her teammates and the sport itself. These experiences are helping to push her to explore her faith more and relying on God as she goes forward as an athlete and a student.

As she continues on her path here at Trinity, Smith’s faith has a tremendous impact on her and her future. It helps her to understand herself and what is planned for her next in life.

“If it wasn’t for my faith, I don’t think that I would ever truly understand who I am as a person or what my calling in life would be,” Smith said. “Because of my strong faith, I truly believe that God has placed a calling on my life and it’s great knowing that He already has my future planned out for me.”

Coming to Trinity is the first time that Smith has been away from home. Although the transition has been tough, her faith helped her get through, and now, it just makes her become stronger, both as a person and in her faith.

“Being at Trinity has allowed me to grow in my faith daily and to grow closer in my relationship with Christ,” Smith said. “I’m thankful for the experience of growth.”