Trolls Fall in Three Sets to Fighting Bees

The Trolls tried to get back on the right track, but had a tough time as they hosted No. 10 St. Ambrose University (Davenport, Illinois). The team could not get anything going offensively and struggled to stop the high power offense of the Fighting Bees. As a result they fell in three sets with scores of 25-18, 25-15, and 25-14. The team is now 8-12 for the season and 1-7 in the CCAC.

Trinity managed only two kills in the first set, yet hung with St. Ambrose for a good portion of play.  Midway through the set they started to lose ground and fell behind by a handful of points. The Trolls would not make up that difference and the gap grew to seven points at 21-14. Trinity closed to within four, but eventually took the 25-18 loss.

At the start of the second set the Trolls were down 4-3 until St. Ambrose rallied off five kills in a row to make it a 9-3 game. Trinity could not recover from there and continued to trail the rest of the set. In the end they lost by 11 points at 25-14.

It was a couple of scoring runs in the third set that hurt the Trolls as well. Behind at 10-8, the Trolls gave up the three straight points for a 13-8 deficit. After gaining one point, Trinity lost the next four points to go behind at 18-9. From there they fell to a 25-15 loss.

The Trolls had 13 kills for the match and St. Ambrose had 43. Trinity ended with 20 digs and three blocks. Mike Karl registered five kills and Zach Kirkilas had three as well as two blocks. Ben Tocila had the most digs with five.

Trinity plays next on March 28 in a conference match at Saint Xavier University.