New Troll Image is Revealed

The DeVos Gym was packed to capacity and fans spilled over into the lobby on August 25 for the women’s volleyball match.  The fans came to see the 2016 NCCAA national champion volleyball team, but also to experience the revealing of the revised look of the Troll mascot.

The frenzy in the gym continued to grow as the match progressed, especially after the team took a 28-26 win in the second set. That excitement added to the anticipation of the new Troll. In between the second and third sets of the match, the fans were treated to a video regaling the history of our beloved mascot and then got their first look at the new image as a banner on the gym wall was unveiled.

After the match, which was a victory for the team, the fans received a TrollNation t-shirt that sported the new Troll logo.

Click here to view the video.