Student-Athlete Spotlight: Samantha Andringa

This week Samantha Andringa ’17 will lace up her basketball shoes for the final regular season week of her four-year career.  Over the past four seasons, Samantha has helped the team develop and is leaving the program in a great place.  She may not have put up the flashiest of numbers, but her consistent positive leadership has been key in aiding the Trolls to one of their best seasons in the past ten years.

If you walk into a women’s basketball practice or game, you will always see Samantha smiling. She has a passion for people which is evident in how she treats her teammates. Her encouragement has helped young players develop and her persistence has been appreciated by the program as a whole.

It is her love for people that has made a difference in her time at Trinity.  “I enjoy walking around campus and saying hi to a lot of people,” Samantha said. “I love that Trinity’s size allows for so many relationships to be built.”

Being involved with others has also determined Samantha’s career choice as she has a passion to be an educator. She is studying math education and plans on teaching after she graduates. She is also hoping to continue to use her love for basketball to secure a coaching position to go along with her teaching.  

Samantha’s has displayed drive on the court and in the classroom. Her determination on the court has benefitted her team and in her studies has helped her thrive academically. She will earn scholar-athlete honors at the NAIA, NCCAA, and CCAC levels this year and has been named to the Athletics Department High Honor Roll.
Samantha’s passion for life and others has made a large impact on the Trinity women’s basketball program.

Get to know Samantha better:

What is your major and minor?  My major is Math Education and my minor is Secondary Education.

Where is your hometown?   South Holland, Illinois

Why did you choose Trinity?  I chose Trinity because it was close to home, I was going to be able to play basketball here, and both of my older brothers went to Trinity.

What is your favorite part about Trinity?  My favorite part about Trinity is the size.  I really enjoy being able to have a good relationship with my professors because class sizes are not too large.  I like that the size of the school allows for so many relationships to be built, either between students and other students, between students and coaches, or between students and professors.  

What is your favorite athletics memory as a Troll?  My favorite athletics memory as a Troll was our first conference game this season against Olivet Nazarene University.  We ended up losing the game by one point in overtime.  But it was so exciting! In all of my years on Trinity's basketball team we never competed like that against Olivet and to take them into overtime was so much fun! It showed our team that we have what it takes to stick with the teams in our conference. It was a complete team effort and it was an exciting way to begin conference play for the season.

What do you plan on doing after graduation? After graduation, Lord willing, I will teach math at a Christian High School and also I hope to coach women's basketball at the high school level.  I have begun applying for a couple high school positions already.  It has been a great experience going through Trinity's education program because I received a lot of field experience hours in the classroom starting already during my sophomore year.  All of this experience is great to put on my resume! Because of how the program is set up I have seen a lot of different classrooms.  Now as I look forward to graduating this May I also look forward to receiving my first job and finally having a classroom of my own.

What is your favorite part about game day?  My favorite part about game day is the competitiveness of it.  We work each week in practice preparing for specific games and then game day is a day where we get to see if all of the work in practice paid off!

What is your favorite sport besides basketball?  My favorite sport besides basketball is softball.  I played softball for five summers for the town league since my high school did not offer softball.  I loved the girls that I played with and made a lot of fun memories.