Troll Spotlight: Maddy Clausen

For junior Maddy Clausen, coming to Trinity was a great decision. From the moment she stepped on campus, she felt like she was part of a caring environment that called and sent handwritten notes. She also knew she wanted to major in nursing, and Trinity is known for its students’ high passing rates on the NCLEX.

Along with that, Clausen wanted to be a part of the track and field team, which was a sport she only started in high school, and here, she would be able to compete.

She also grew up in a public school that focused on her athletic and academic growth, but now, she realized she would be coming to a place that cared about her religious growth, which is something that she was looking forward to.

“When I first met with the head track coach at Trinity, Bob Brickman, one of the first things he did was pray over me and my college decision.  For someone who has grown up in the public-school system, that was something that I have never experienced before,” Clausen said. “I knew that this school would not only care about my academic and athletic performance, but they would also care about my relationship with Christ.” 

Once that moment happened, it was clear that Trinity was the place for her to continue her collegiate career. And ever since she stepped on campus, she was able to combine her love of nursing and track while continuing to grow in her faith.

Through small group devotions with the track team, she has been able to discuss her faith with her teammates and talk about how they can incorporate it into their workouts, competitions and everyday lives.

“We encourage one another in growth and pray for each other’s needs,” Clausen said. “This encouragement leads to growth in the midst of competition. I have been more mindful of being humble and directing glory to God when things go well, and more prayerful about having an eternal perspective when things don’t go well.”

With everything she does, Clausen thinks about how she wouldn’t be able to do it without God. She feels that He helped her make connections with the people in her life and He gave her the abilities to do what she loves on a daily basis.

Now, as she continues to grow in her faith, Clausen realizes that it influences a lot of the decisions she makes on a regularly. Between her studies, athletics and personal life, she tries to live a life that would please God every day.

“My faith is what determines my choices, my actions and my view on everything in my daily life.  It encourages me to live every day in a way that is pleasing to God,” Clausen said. “My relationship with God gives me hope for each day and joy in all kinds of circumstances.”