Student-Athlete Spotlight: Luke Boss

Luke Boss ’19 looks to have a successful sophomore season on the track this spring.  After a positive freshmen year, his impact for the Trolls’ track and field team has been noticed.  He has also made a difference on the cross country team for the past two seasons and became a top five runner for the Trolls.

The Frankfort, Illinois native grew up around Trinity and, as an alumnus of Chicago Christian High School and with older brother Andy at Trinity, he knew he was going to have a great experience as a Troll.  So the two-time high school all-conference runner decided to continue his running career close to home.  

Luke runs middle distance for the Trolls’ track team. His specialty is the 800 meter race and he ranks in the top ten in Trinity records book in both outdoor and indoor in that event.  He is also a key component to the 4 x 400 meter relay race and was a member of that foursome that placed eighth at the CCAC Championships a year ago.

On the cross country course he ran a season and career best of 27:41 this past fall at the Mount Mercy University meet in October.  He was the team’s No. 5 runner at the 2016 CCAC Championships and placed 57th overall of the 141 competitors. In addition he has competed in two NCCAA National Championships.

Luke is very grateful for his time on the cross country and track teams.  He is thankful for his teammates and he loves being a part of the teams. “I have met some of my best friends through the teams and I am really thankful for the opportunity to connect with them through sport.  Running multiple miles a day with the same people just about every day may seem like a burden to many people, but I love spending time with my teammates.  Every mile we run together I feel closer to all of them.”

In addition to the team, Luke values the Trinity community. “Trinity offers me a great community to connect spiritually.  Even when I struggle with my faith, there is always someone to talk to about anything spiritual.”  

Already as a sophomore he has been a great leader and hard worker on and off the race track. He has made an impact on campus and on the team and him looks forward to growing throughout the rest of this year and in his final two year as a Troll.  He comments that people may think he and the rest of the team are crazy, but he wouldn’t trade the miles and hard work for anything.

Get to know Luke better:

What is your major? Accounting and Finance (double majors)

Where is your hometown? Frankfort, Illinois

Why did you choose Trinity?  I felt that Trinity was a place that would challenge me both academically and spiritually.  I also wanted to be at the same school as my brother Andy.  I wanted to keep a close relationship with him and felt being at the same school would help.

What is your favorite part about Trinity?  I really appreciate how Trinity is so accepting of everyone.  The part that I really enjoy is the professors.  Each professor I have had has been willing to help me out with whatever I need.  I love that they are willing to use their own time to help me.

What is your favorite athletics memory as a Troll?  I enjoyed the road trip we took to Georgia for outdoor track Christian Nationals last year. We traveled in three Trinity vans with Coach Bob and Coach Dan driving two of the vans with the ladies in them and the guys were given their own van. That ride with just the guys was a great time and I enjoyed spending time with my teammates and bonding with them on the long trip.  We played cards and blasted music just about the whole time.

What do you plan on doing after graduation?  I plan on finding an entry level accounting job after college.  I am not 100% sure what I will be doing, but I feel auditing and traveling around for a firm would be ideal.  I plan on living with a few buddies immediately after graduating.

What is on your race day playlist? I like listening to Timeflies on race day, but the song I listen to right before just about every race is All Night Longer by Sammy Adams.

Do you have any pre-race rituals? I start getting ready for every race 45 minutes before the race starts.  I run two miles as a warm up and then do active stretching drills.  Once I'm done with the active stretching, I put on my spikes and do four strides.  I then pace and try to get mentally ready until race time.

What is your favorite Trinity tradition? My favorite tradition isn't really a whole Trinity tradition as much as a cross country team tradition.  Each year, the cross country team holds team devotions the night before our Christian nationals meet.  The devotions are led by the seniors and have been very heartfelt and moving both of the years that I heard them.  Listening to my teammates’ experiences and feelings is really moving.