Trolls Fall in Season Opener

The Trolls began their season in a game at Taylor University (Upland, Indiana). The team let in an early goal to fall behind in the opening minutes. After giving up another goal late in the first half, they trailed 2-0 at the intermission. Trinity allowed one more goal in the second period to end in a 3-0 loss.

Three minutes into the game Taylor got by the Trolls’ defense to find the net. For the majority of the rest of the half the teams played in the 1-0 score. In the final five minutes of the period Taylor took a shot that was stopped by Mathis Muller. However, the Trojans were able to gather the rebound and score to take the 2-0 lead at the half.

In the first 15 minutes of the second period Taylor made things more difficult for the Trolls when they scored again for the three goal lead. Trinity pushed hard through the rest of the game, but were limited in their opportunities and failed to get on the board.

For the game the Trolls had four shots and Taylor had 12. Kris Kirchhoff led the team with two shots. Muller finished with four saves.

The Trolls will play next on August 25 in their home opener against Siena Heights University at 2 pm.