Troll Spotlight: Brandon Riemersma

When senior Brandon Riemersma was looking at colleges, Trinity was the right fit. He found a place with a special education program, where he could play baseball, and where he could explore his faith.

And during his time here, he has been able to do just that.

“When I was looking at colleges, there were many factors. For me, Trinity fit all of them,” Riemersma said. “It was a place that I knew I would be able to grow in my faith with the people around me and become a man ready to enter into the real world.”

Through his classes and connections with those around him, he developed a stronger faith throughout his career at Trinity. One moment that truly helped him realize this was when he traveled with the baseball team to NCCAA nationals last season.

“We were surrounded by other coaches, teams and workers who were fully displaying their love for Jesus, and it helped me to see how faith and athletics can work together,” Riemersma said. “One thing that really stood out during this time was the chaplain sharing with us how we can connect the Bible to both our personal lives as well as to baseball, or really anything.”

But his faith reaches farther than just through his athletics. He knows he is not the perfect person, but he strives to do his best. Whether it is interacting with his friends, his teammates, his family or in his classes, he tries to live in a way that allows other to see God in him.

Riemersma also understands that he is here for something greater than himself, which he tries to accomplish through his exchanges with people every day. And whether it’s through direct connections or just by saying a prayer, he attempts to make these influential changes throughout his life.

“I try to keep a prayer list in my phone with specific people, places, things and even other schools on it to make sure that I am praying for everyone, and not just myself,” Riemersma said. “On top of that, I try to be the best friend, teammate, student and classmate that I can be to the people I interact with each day so that they can see God living through me.”

 And even when the times get tough, his faith helps him realize that if he trusts in God, everything will work out in the end.

“One thing that comes to mind when I think of faith is the idea that God wants us to just take a step off the river bank and into the river. This can mean all sorts of different things, but the idea is the same,” Riemersma said. “God doesn’t call us to do miraculous things, he simply asks us to take one step forward off the bank and trust him to part the river ahead of us.